You can submit all of your project requests through the portal.  You will need to sign in to submit a request.  Once signed in to the portal, you’ll need to fill out a brief form which will give the marketing team the details we need to complete your request.

Absolutely!  The marketing office has a free-to-use laminator.  However, you/your department are responsible for providing your own laminate and staffing to complete the lamination.

Please contact Kristi in the Business Office. A stock of letterhead is maintained on campus, your department will be billed for the letterhead you use. Marketing does not track nor distribute letterhead for departmental use.

For design work, Marketing is happy to print whatever quantity you define in the project.

If you don’t need any edits or design work, you can now print in color by sending your print jobs to “any color” printer (via your print settings) and scanning your ID at a color printer to release the job.  Contact IT for more information!