Marketing Policies

All elements of advertising, public relations, marketing, and communications run through the Marketing Department at Iowa Wesleyan University.  Thus the following procedures must be followed to ensure our brand is held to the highest standard.

Portal Policy:  As communication can become lost in email, when a new communication is required from our integrated marketing partners on campus (i.e. SID, Athletics, Enrollment, Academics and Development) it must be entered into the Marketing Portal. Marketing requires the projects to be entered to ensure accuracy of content, timing and deadlines of content, and brand standards through graphics.  The portal also allows the marketing team to assign vital advertising and public relations through social media, web, billboard, radio and television, and so forth.

The Marketing Portal is vital to day to day activity promoting the brand to current and prospective students.  All projects run through the portal to ensure brand standard from our tri-yearly magazine, Purple & White, to our day to day communication and function tying our brand to the larger mission, vision, and initiatives of the university.  You can see the portal by visiting: to access the dashboard.

A user name and password may be provided upon request.

Approval Policy:  Our integrated marketing team and vice presidents have to sign off on the project as final before content goes to the public for recruiting.  The approval policy is in place to ensure our commitment to excellence in the material we produce.  Our integrated marketing team and vice presidents are alerted in a timely fashion through the portal that their approval is necessary.

Public Relations Policy: When providing information for press briefs or releases, the following information must be provided: Date and time of event, description of event, and quote from a reputable source.  The information must be submitted through the Marketing Portal to allow the assignment of the information.

Advertising Policy: Advertising takes many forms, thus it is vital to clearly communicate your message, your budget, and your timeline to the marketing office.  Please enter your request into the Marketing Portal. You may request a meeting with our team through the portal.